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Hey Chef Lisa! It's the Jenkins crew! We are so missing your ridiculous culinary skills. We have however learned to do some of the recipes you sent us. DELICIOUS! We are wondering where you will be during Spring break 2008- We would love to be wherever you are if possible. Will you be back on Lazy Bones or some other fine vessel? If you can, let us know. We would love to hear from our non-goat-riding friend. See you later. have a great day Lisa.

Love, becky and william, chase, kristen and will jenkin


I would highly recommend Chef Lisa Mead to anyone who wants a qualified, creative, hardworking chef. She has worked for us on numerous occasions over the past 5 years, and we have been very satisfied.



Just wanted you and Deborah to know we are missing you all! We have returned to bleak, rainy, cold Boston, but our minds are full of the wonderful images and memories of our sailing adventure in the Lazy Bones. My nails still look great, but our eating standards have dropped dramatically. No one cooks like you, dear Lisa. The gentle rocking of the boat stays with us...



Hey Lisa! Just wanted to write and let you know we all made it home safely. Only problem is we have not eaten well since we left! Anyway, I sent you a forward of the the email I sent to Gail at Virgin Islands Sailing. I meant every word! You are a dear soul and a fabulous chef. We loved every minute of our trip. I cannot wait for some recipes so that we can try to re-live some of our finest moments!! As soon as you get a chance I would love it. Thank you once again for everything, Lisa. You are fantastic and we love you.



Lisa, I have several things to report as we finish our first week removed from Lazy Bones:

Universally, the group agreed that your food was the highlight of the trip - we loved the entire experience, but none of us anticipated that we would be treated to food like yours. It was simply wonderful at every meal. I never thought I could be disappointed by a lobster on the beach meal, but it was our worst meal of the week!

Despite having gone off my 3 month diet on the trip (I lost 33 pounds before the trip), I am pleased to report that I am at my pre-trip weight with only minor dieting this week - thus your food was not only wonderful, but healthy as well.

Thank you for guiding us (and Kevin!) to several of our trip highlights. We really appreciated your subtle and respectful approach with Kevin and all agreed that you were a big reason for the trip being so exceptional.

Finally, please know how much we appreciated your morning, noon and night smiles. You were an absolute pleasure to be around and you made our week a much more enjoyable experience.

Great personality and wonderful food = Lisa Mead. Have a great weekend!



Dear Lisa, Art and I wish to thank you for being with us on Paradigm. We enjoyed the excellent food that only a chef like you can prepare. Your kind and friendly personality is appreciated also. You know so much about the BVIs and the news that makes being there so interesting. All the best...

Mary Jo