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Default Welcome to Expat France

Greetings to all

Allow me to introduce myself. My Name is David Giorgi I live lived with my wife Penny in Brisbane, Australia with our two Children Lily & Jasper + Puddy our cat. In May 2007 we are moving moved to France to live in Annecy.

Why France? Why Annecy?

Well I was born in Italy but grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland and speak fluent French, Penny is a budding Francophile and we both share the desire for our children to become bilingual and encourage them to travel. Both Penny and I will be reached 40 in 2007 and we have lived in Brisbane, Australia for over 20 years! Time for a change.

The European cultural mélange wil be a welcome change from Australian monoculture, we will miss the beaches and aussie laissez-faire lifestyle though.

We originally looked at areas around Nice, but even though a fantastic region with warmer climate and more meditteranean feel we became hooked on Annecy as it a small town with plenty of clean, outdoor spaces for a young family, mouth watering Savoyarde cooking and proximity to some of the best ski resorts in the world also helps.

I work as a self employed web designer/developer in Brisbane and since this type of work is flexible I will be migrating my skills and hopefully picking up some new EU clients.

I setup this forum as a virtual pied-à-terre to nurture a supportive community of like minded Expats/Francophiles and hopefully make some new friends & business contacts, along the way.

So without further ado I welcome you to Expat France and invite you to introduce yourself and share your wonderful experiences of 'La vie en France".

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