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Originally Posted by Johnny Maher
Borned and raised in the Antipodes, went to school on the Gold Coast and uni in St Lucia, Brisbane (!) in the early 80's, then spent the next half of my life in England, loving, and subsequently marrying, an English girl, with whom life has been good. Three kids later we moved to France in 2004, where I hope the last part of our lives will be, though whether in the départment we are now or not remains to be seen. Brittany (22) is MUCH wetter and greyer living here than it ever was when we were on holiday, and being a SAD sufferer raised on 21 years' of strong UV light, I think the heat and light and lux of the south-west appeals more and more.

Languedoc has 300 + days of sunshine.

Worth a move ?

The Languedoc Page
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