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Old 22nd March 2007, 13:03
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Originally Posted by JennieLynn View Post
Comme la plupart des américains savent, l'enseignement des langues étrangères aux Etats-Unis est nul.
Ce n'est pas gentil du tout d'avancer de tels propos qui ne sauraient être que des généralisations.

J'ai appris le français à l'école aux US depuis l'âge de 12 ans, et lorsque je suis allée en France pour la première fois à 18 ans, j'arrivais à me débrouiller très très bien grâce aux profs que j'ai eu au lycée.

Je veux bien croire que ce n'est pas la même situation partout, et c'est très dommage, mais dire que "l'enseignement aux US est nul" de façon formelle n'est vraiment pas juste.
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Old 1st May 2007, 20:13
Skygge Skygge is offline
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Well, just kidding but... you're not french, you do it in french, i'm french, so i do it in english

I'm a pure French, I'm 21. So no way to cheat with languages, I had not closes reatives to teach me english. At secondary school I was very bad in english, mostly because I hated my teachers and tey hate me so I didn't work. Until 15 i didn't know the differences about the two basic form of "present". Turned better with my 3ème when I went in Essex to meet my penpal. Getting drunk, chasing, eating and spreading chaos in London helped me to improve my English .
At highschool my level improved but you have to know that language teachers in france are very very very bad, even at University. The only good ones are in "Classe préparatoires", which are sorts of "super universities" to get into the prestigious schools. So I did one year of "classe prépa" just after my highschool and my level improved a lot. I'm now studying History @ university and unortunately the lack of practice made my english level going average **sigh**. Its incredible how a language can be forgotten if not practiced. Next year I'm moving to Bergen (no) to complete my bachelor. So I'll learn Norwegian and practise my english (in order to drink, chase, i guess you got it since London ).

When I read your french i realize how it would be difficult for you... i have a Norwegian friend who just learned french for 3 years at highschool. He speaks very good despite the fact it was 4 years ago and with a very bad teacher! I was very surprised. Our language is often unlogic and strange, but that is part of the game. Why do you think women from everywhere like the french accent and language? Keep that in mind, dudes.

By my side with english I'm often lost in grammatical construction, sometimes i dunno what to choose to say something as several solutions seem to work. What I learned in "prépa" was the "very super correct" english that nobody speak, like if you foreigners learned "le super français que personne ne parle" without any incorrect form or stuff like that.
For example (I just think about now) @ highschool you would be taugh that "Although" is similar to "Despite" and can be put at the same place in the sentence. In "prépa" I learned that I mustn't place it at the same place. I must admit i forgot where. Well that was just an example.

In general people understand me, that's the most important.
Folks, always try to speak French when you can. That will helped you to improve it, and whatever they say, Frenchies appreciate it.
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Old 30th January 2008, 18:28
yoshpaul yoshpaul is offline
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Default Salut à tous!

Hi everyone,

Well, firstly let me introduce myself, I'm from Singapore and now living in Ancenis (40km from nantes) for four long years!! Bravo for Samdebretagne!! I'm impressed with your french after 3 yrs here! Almost the same case as you, I was happily living in my city-country until I met my french husband!!! It was really tough at first, with no knowledge of french and their culture, weather is too cold for me especially where I came from a summer city!! Hate to put on so many layers of clothes myself and after trying to wrap up my little gal (3 yrs old)! Well, just have to live with it! In singapore, I was running my own business and was pretty busy everyday, now what a big change! Bored to death sometimes! Wanted to find a job but with my french it's quasiment impossible!!

Found this site only yesterday, and was so happy that I can at last communicate with anglophone!! haha!! Abit too late though, as we will be moving back to my country this July! Anyway, big thanks to David giorgi for creating this site!!

Good way to practice french as well!
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Old 10th March 2008, 21:26
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Mon problème est le clavier américaine....
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Old 16th September 2008, 11:36
dorry46 dorry46 is offline
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Default Allô?

J'ai inscris aujourd'hui, mais où est tout le monde? La message dernière etait en Mars? Vous avez transferé?

J'arrivais en France en 2005 avec mon mari et notre fille de 11 ans. Nous travaillions sur la maison pour 2 années, c'etait facile pour nous, mais notre fille commençait à primaire pour son premier année avant d'aller au College pour les deux ans prochains, c'etait trés dure pour elle. Mais elle est courant maintenant. Les problêmes etaient que, dans la campagne, les autres éleves vont chez eux au fin du jour et restent là dans le soirs. Aussi, pour notre fille qui avait une experience de l'education en Angleterre, les methodes d'education ici en France sont moins 'dynamiques'?!

Maintenant, depuis 1 Septembre, notre fille est à une ecole internationale ici en Bordeaux. Elle est déja plus heureuse - c'est mieux pour elle, mais c'est necessaire de maintenir son Français!!

J'ai etudié le Français jusqu'a la premiere année de 'A' level, depuis quelques années! Je trouve maintenant que beaucoup de vocabulaire est dans les profondeurs de mon cerveau, mais la grammaire......?! C'etait pendant notre premiere année ici que j'ai realisé que chaque fois j'ai rencontré la mere d'une amie de ma fille j'ai dit 'Bonjour, ça va' etc et j'ai parlé du temps! Elle est enseignante, elle doit avoir pensé que j'etais pas trés intelligente!! J'ai decidé d'etre plus courageuse - maintenant j'ai des conversations avec tout le monde!! Ma langue n'est pas trés correcte, mais je ne manque pas la comaraderie et j'apprends tout le temp. Est maintenant, ici en Bordeaux, c'est le temp pour un cours, je pense!

Bon courage a tous!! C'est la seule methode de pas manquer la vie en France et l'amitié de ses habitants!!

Last edited by dorry46 : 16th September 2008 at 11:42.
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Old 16th September 2008, 11:57
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Default Tout a fait d'accord...

Je suis tout a fait d'accord. Il ne faut pas avoir peur. Il faut du courage de parler une langue étrangère avec un locuteur natif.

La plupart des gens ne veulent pas faire des fautes, mais c'est en faisant des fautes qu'on apprend le mieux!

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Old 22nd June 2009, 11:11
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Hy, my problem is the inverse to you, I'm quite good in french but not a lot in english, I learn Cooking and I'll work in england or UK later, I hear that is so fun to do French "Castronomie" in other countrys

I have 3 year of late, I hope somebody 'll répondre^^
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Old 5th August 2010, 00:13
François le français François le français is offline
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Hello to all,

I don't know if i have to speak in english or french on this kind of forum but i choose english because it could be understood by a lot of people. tell me what is your problem in translation and i will tell you....

I'm french and my cursus is french school until BAC+2 and after 6 months in a shipping company with english people by phone... it improves a lot my english after all that, i'm working for now 15 years for an international company specialized in steel named Ar... something ... you guessed who... in Dunkirk (English people knows Dunkirk for historical reasons). I think i have a good level in english but need still inproved... so if i can help some english people.... Why not....
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Old 22nd November 2012, 15:02
neila neila is offline
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Default Meet people to speak in english


J'ai lu ton message car je cherche des gens pour parler en anglais et apparemment toi aussi, je te file une info qui peut intéresser francojam organise des sorties bilingues, des week end et des speak dating (conversation anglais et français avec des natifs). regarde sur facebook j'y serai surement ce lundi à leur événement!
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