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Old 23rd June 2009, 19:28
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Originally Posted by karenlyn View Post
To me, saying that French hate Americans is just as prejudiced as hating us in the first place. I would definitely say it's true that they don't like our government or the way our country handles foreign affairs, and perhaps some of them take it out on us... but, I've met plenty of people here who are perfectly pleasant on finding out I'm American. Eventually, they might ask me how I feel about my government's policies (or how the heck I can stand them), but that's something different.
I find nearly all perfectly pleasant. I have only had one person at the ANPE blame me for the crisis. Higher educated people tend to be some what impressed by me and love to show of their English and talk about their family in America.

They like to believe they don't discriminate because they are pleasant... But try getting a job. French are not accepting people when it comes to immigrants, but they are much more accepting of Portuguese and Russians. Even Arabs fair better in the job market then an American. The exception of coarse is if you have a higher degree. Professional respect tends to get you ahead.

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Old 7th October 2009, 01:18
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Smile The French are beautiful !

I have been to France twice,the last time in2004,and I lived on the streets of Paris ( intentionally ) for 28 days,in order to learn all I could. I had heard ahead of time all the garbage about how the French don't like Americans. My experience showed me that the French didn't particularly like our government,but in fact, very nearly everyone was polite,very helpful,and very, very kind.I did observe that they were put out by Americans who made no attempt to speak French,and I was often embarrassed to witness such encounters.Also, some Americans tended to be loud,demanding,and often making insulting remarks about the French,which were of course understood by many.I spoke to hundreds of Parisiens,eager to share my story of why I had come,and hungry to learn all I could about everything I could. I received extraordinary acts of generosity,and kindness everywhere I went,and made lasting friendships that I strive to maintain to this day. They genuinely liked ME,and accepted me as I was. Unlike others,I am unabashedly Predudiced - I am a French-american,and a total snob when it comes to my French half. Oscar Wilde once said," When good Americans die, they go to Heaven.But, if they have been very,very,good - They go to Paris ! " My name is Benjamin,and I hope we can become friends...
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