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CEO David Giorgi is an Italian/Australian Bilingual English/French web developer based in Annecy, France

Expat web design by David Giorgi - professional web designer and developer of business and eCommerce websites. Meticulous attention to detail with our design partners, advanced levels of development and SEO [search engine optimization] take precedence in all my projects.

Development is carried out to complement your current business processes. We can provide database and content management systems so you can update your new site through a web browser.

David Giorgi After over 30 years of programming and print/logo design and over 20 years of web design and development, I have returned to Europe with my lovely wife and Italian/Australian kids in 2007.

If you have enquiries on new projects, click here for a FREE QUOTE. French and multilingual projects are welcome.

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Born in Italy in ’67, grew up in the UK and Switzerland, landed in Australia in '80. Got my hands on an Apple IIe then a Macintosh in '84. Studied architecture, wore a skinny tie, was courted by the advertising industry, discovered typography & Macromedia Director. Gravitated towards hypertext and finally settled on web design and development - the perfect job for a born again hippie. Met Penny in ’93. Lily (born 2003) and Jasper (born 2006) back to France in receding, the saga continues :)

David Giorgi and family are moving moved from Brisbane, Australia to Annecy, France in May 2007. Read our full story here in our Expat France forum.

David Giorgi | chief Dreamer



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5 essential web design tips

» Identify & understand your target demographic
» Avoid introductory animations
» Use clear, professional typography
» Integrate into overall marketing strategy
» Keep content up to date

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