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What is DataTables?

Advanced tables, instantly. DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It is a highly flexible tool, build upon the foundations of progressive enhancement, that adds all of these advanced features to any HTML table.

- Pagination
- Instant search
- Multi-column ordering
- Use almost any data source
- Easily theme-able
- Wide variety of extensions
- Mobile friendly
- Fully internationalisable
- Free open source software

Create customised, editable tables in minutes with Editor for DataTables

Save your time writing yet another CRUD application - Editor is a premium extension created to produce complex, fully editable tables that take full advantage of all of the features of DataTables.

The integration of DataTables into your mobile and desktop projects will drastically reduce development costs and project delivery.



DataTables Case Studies

I. BeAT-HF Clinical Trial

The BeAT-HF Clinical Trial by CVRx Inc. is evaluating the investigational BAROSTIM NEO implantable device, designed to electrically stimulate the baroreceptors located on one of the carotid arteries in your neck.

The challenge
The sales teams were already using the platform to manage potential patient leads. Several of the online forms had been previously authored using tools. Automated tasks were necessary to enable a fully end to end process.

The process
In collaboration with Hostcloudz Ltd. UK, a secured WordPress CMS was chosen as the main delivery mechanism for forms, marketing and educational content online. An API interface was developed to integrate and link the form data and the data using the WordPress site as a platform content hub.

The results
The client was very pleased with the completed project and patient form submission data was securely stored and managed through Salesforce.

How was DataTables used
Administration features to log and manage patient data submissions was fully developed in DataTables. The interface was tweaked to match the Salesforce lightning UI

II. Corporate Games France

The Corporate Games are the world’s largest multisport festivals for businesses with great sports and fabulous celebrations for everyone to enjoy regardless of their age, ability or level of fitness.

The challenge
This important project required an powerful interface to manage thousands of participant medical certificates used to access the annual sporting events. The primary goals was to design and develop an effective user interface to accept or reject medical certificates. A live search feature was required to immediately locate missing and incorrect medical certificates.

The process
A clean and functional interface was developed to expose the minimum data required to mange the certificates. One particular feature that was appreciated was the Orthogonal data feature of DataTables, allowing the search engine to operate independently from display data.

The results
The end result was an interface that simplified the submission and validation of medical certificates while reducing delays and expenses.

How was DataTables used
The core medical certificate management system integrated a customised version of DataTables within a custom CSS bootstrap interface.

III. NTN 100th Anniversary

The 100th anniversary events for the NTN-SNR subsidiary company of NTN.

The challenge
Raw data in spreadsheet format for over 5,000 staff members had to be imported into a MySQL database and an automated registration system developed to provide registration and attendance tracking for NTN-SNR.

The process
A fully automated registration process was custom developed in collaboration with Corporate Games France parent company - Live Event SAS France. An online tool to track attendance at various company sites allowed real time updates to follow the number of people present on company premises.

The results
The completed project enabled a faster registration process for all participants. Real time data for the attendance of staff and the general public present on company premises provided a higher level of security.

How was DataTables used
Real time data for the attendance lists was presented using DataTables.

IV. Property Porter

The simple way to manage your rental and investment properties ongoing maintenance.

The challenge
This large scale project for Santora Technology UK Ltd involved complex business rules and online tools to allow the various parties to submit and manage property their various maintenance issues. The first steps were to identify the principal business logic and to design and develop an effective user friendly interface.

The process
The process involved grouping complex business rules into a coherent user interface. As the end user could belong to one or four groups - landlords, agents, tenants and suppliers, the interface required a versatile presentation layer while maintaining a wide range of options.

The results
The end result was a concise interface that simplified the submission of property maintenance issues while reducing delays and expenses.

How was DataTables used
The core issue submission user interface was fully developed using a customised version of DataTables.



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